What reason is woman backache

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Many women are troubled by backache, especially for women over 30 years old. So, what's the reason for women's backache? Now I'll tell you what's the cause of women's back pain.

What reason is woman backache

First: back pain caused by menstruation. Younger female friends in the physiological period will have a certain feeling of backache, if your backache often occurs in the physiological period, then, please do not panic, this is due to the physiological period, female friends' mood and body hormone level changes caused by physical discomfort, it does not matter, just need to rest more in the physiological period, more blood, keep happy The mood, or the use of dysmenorrhea analgesic device, you can maintain a relaxed period.

Second: back pain caused by chest enlargement. Female friends with small breasts are always complaining that their breasts are not plump. However, they don't know that too plump breasts also have disadvantages! Many back pain is caused by the chest is too full, too large breast will affect the force of the spine, leading to the phenomenon of back pain. Therefore, it is suggested that female friends with plump breasts should try to wear appropriate body shaping bras to reduce the burden on the back.

Third: back pain caused by calcium deficiency. Calcium deficiency of female friends easily lead to osteoporosis, bone is not strong, which will lead to back pain. If so, it is suggested that female friends can take more calcium and sun, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium. At the same time, they should exercise properly to make their bones stronger and stronger.

matters needing attention

Usually to avoid excessive fatigue, more to ensure adequate sleep. Keep a good mood and avoid being too nervous and depressed. But also to strengthen physical exercise, enhance the body's resistance.