I can't remember what the symptoms are

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What can't remember in life has seriously affected the healthy life of female friends, he is a kind of relatively difficult to cure a good disease, amnesia refers to a period of time is easier to forget some things! Good times and bad times! Forgetfulness refers to things that are easy to forget all the time.

I can't remember what the symptoms are

First: local amnesia: the patient completely loses memory of the situation within a few hours before and after the occurrence of certain traumatic events.

Second: selective amnesia: a person selectively remembers and forgets something that happened in a certain period of time.

Third: total amnesia: refers to the individual completely forgetting his own life background, including name, address, etc.

matters needing attention

Some of the memory lost by patients suddenly occurs after suffering from a painful blow. After a period of time, they may also recover their memory.