How to appear threatened abortion to do

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I'm pregnant, but I found that my boyfriend even has a girlfriend. I absolutely can't leave this child. I must get rid of it. Let's talk about what to do if there is threatened abortion.

How to appear threatened abortion to do

First: do some examination first, many items, including B-ultrasound, electrocardiogram, blood routine, blood coagulation, leucorrhea routine examination, almost these items of examination, if you find out the inflammation, you have to wait until the inflammation is cured before surgery.

Second: in the process of operation, the doctor uses that kind of speculum to expand the vagina, and then cleans up the things inside, and then disinfects everywhere. After cleaning up, the doctor takes out the speculum, and the operation is finished.

Third: flow after surgery will be anti-inflammatory treatment, this should be in order to prevent postoperative infection, this can also avoid causing all kinds of complications, after the operation in the doctor washed the vulva, put on good clothes on the line, generally is infusion or take medicine to anti-inflammatory.

matters needing attention

In a period of time after induced abortion, the trauma on the endometrium has not recovered, the cervix is loose, the original mucus plug (which has the function of preventing bacteria from entering the uterine cavity) in the cervix has been removed, and the new mucus plug has not yet formed. At this time, if we do not pay attention to the hygiene of the vulva, the bacteria in the vagina are easy to enter the uterine cavity and cause infection. Therefore, after abortion to keep the vulva more clean and sanitary, wash with warm water 1-2 times a day, frequently change menstrual pad and straw paper. Do not sit bath within 2 weeks or before vaginal bleeding is clean, and prohibit sexual life within 1 month to prevent genital infection. If you have fever, abdominal pain or abnormal smell of vaginal secretions, it may be caused by infection, you should see a doctor in time.