How can you remove the blain on the face

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Acne on the face is a troublesome thing, but acne is easy to remove, but according to everyone's skin type to develop a treatment plan, let me share how to remove the acne on the face.

How can you remove the blain on the face

First: drink more water is a good habit, especially in summer is the need to replenish water season, because the face will be very dry and greasy, drink more water can adjust the face dry, let the skin become better, if you add salt in boiled water will be better, both whitening and acne ~ drink more water.

Second: don't want to use cosmetics to cover the acne on your face because you hate it. This is useless. Cosmetics have more or less side effects on your skin, which will stimulate your skin. If you like to make up, you must take it seriously and clean your face thoroughly. But personally, I don't mind making up, especially the mm with acne.

Third: exercise more and exercise more. Relax with yourself every day, or change the environment you like. If possible, you can travel to a city with good air for a period of time and take a small holiday. Don't be in a stressful environment every day.

matters needing attention

1. The treatment process must not be too impatient, to calm down to treat slowly, to maintain an optimistic attitude, I believe everything will be better. 2. To maintain personal hygiene, eat less spicy and other irritating food, the skin is also helpful. 3. Eat more fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables can provide the role of beauty, acne is also a great help. 4. Do not use your hands to squeeze acne, which will leave scars on your face and make it more difficult to remove.