How to treat chronic cervicitis

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Chronic cervicitis is a common gynecological disease now. There are many reasons for chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. It must be found and treated early, so as not to miss the best opportunity for treatment. In August last year, my uncle's friend got chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. At the beginning, leucorrhea was abnormal. Sometimes leucorrhea was a lot and appeared yellowish. I didn't care. How to treat chronic cervicitis with naloxa? Let me tell you.

How to treat chronic cervicitis

First: Patients with chronic cervicitis can try the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, such as taking Fuyanping capsule, womb pill, Zhidai pill and so on. The effect is good. Change your underwear frequently every day, wash your vulva with warm water at night, and don't eat spicy food, such as hot pepper, caffeine and so on.

Second: chronic cervicitis can be used: Cnidium monnieri, Sophora flavescens, alum and Phellodendron amurense, wash the above herbs and put them in the medicine pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and then boil them. The effect is also good. Don't smoke and drink during the illness, remember!!

Third: Patients with chronic cervicitis should pay attention to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits every day. In this way, they can also supplement vitamins properly and exercise properly. In this way, they can not only enhance their physical fitness, but also enhance their body immunity. The diet should be light.

matters needing attention

Usually to avoid excessive fatigue, more to ensure adequate sleep. Keep a good mood and avoid being too nervous and depressed. But also to strengthen physical exercise, enhance the body's resistance.