What does infantile pneumonia cough eat

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Infantile pneumonia is a common disease in infants. It is common in winter and spring in northern China, and it is a common cause of infant death. Pneumonia is pulmonary inflammation caused by pathogen infection or inhalation of amniotic fluid and oil and allergic reaction. The main clinical manifestations are fever, cough, shortness of breath, dyspnea and pulmonary rales. What food does infantile pneumonia cough eat good?

What does infantile pneumonia cough eat

First, children with pneumonia and cough should eat enough water and high calorie, high vitamin, easy to digest food. The best food for infants is dairy products. Do not wean at this time

Second, children with pneumonia and cough can take half flow food, such as porridge, rotten noodles, slice soup, egg soup, etc., to ensure the provision of adequate water and vitamins.

Third, children with pneumonia cough, eat sugar Sydney, cough expectorant

matters needing attention

Pay attention to keep warm: the temperature in winter and spring is low, so we should pay special attention to keep warm, but it should be moderate. When we have a fever, we should loosen the quilt to avoid heat dissipation difficulty, high fever convulsion, or excessive sweating, sweat absorption, skin heat evaporation, which will cause cold and aggravate the disease.