It's more effective for men and women to communicate with each other

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We know that every relationship needs to be managed, but how to manage it? Communication is the most effective way to solve the problems between men and women, so how to effectively communicate with the other party? Women use this posture when communicating with men, and men will listen to you more carefully. What kind of posture is it?

It's more effective for men and women to communicate with each other

First, go straight to the theme. A recent study shows that men's brains treat men's voices as "speech" and women's voices as "music", so men take same-sex voices more seriously. In order to make sure that your husband listens to every word you say, your wife should say it briefly, clearly, loud and quickly. Professor Holzman points out that what men want to hear most is the direct core, so it's better for women to speak straight to the subject.

Second: let him know you want to vent. A man is a "problem solver" by nature. Frowning means that he is thinking about how to solve a problem. When a wife tells her husband a difficult situation, he will take the initiative to think that he should help the other party find a solution instead of simply listening. Therefore, women should let men know exactly what you want before they confide. It's better to start in such a way: "I really need to say these stuffy things, just comfort me."

Third: satisfy his self-esteem. Is it that every time you ask, he will go in one ear and out the other? At this time, you'd better flatter him. If you complain directly to him that "you never play with my friends", he is likely to jump up and refute you. But if you satisfy his self-esteem and say, "you're so humorous! My friends must think you're great. Can you go out with us tonight? "This kind of positive reinforcement is easier for him to accept your proposal.

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Communication between men and women needs skills. In fact, communication with anyone needs skills.