Causes of intestinal necrosis in premature infants?

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Intestinal necrosis is also known as necrotizing enterocolitis, mainly in children. For newborn children, if because of the occurrence of intestinal adhesion, it is easy to appear intestinal necrosis, especially for some premature children. This is an acquired disease, mainly in the terminal ileum, colon or proximal small intestine, which is less affected. Therefore, we must pay more attention to some weak or premature children.

Causes of intestinal necrosis in premature infants?

1. The first cause of this disease in infants is intestinal ischemia. If the intestinal ischemia, then the intestinal blood vessels and metabolism will not be normal. And just born the child's own metabolic capacity is relatively weak, so it is easy to appear intestinal necrosis.

2. If you are infected with bacteria, then it will be more prone to intestinal necrosis. Children's own resistance is relatively weak, if because of the growth of intestinal bacteria, or intestinal mucus, it will lead to intestinal necrosis.

3. With the deterioration of the disease, the child will appear the whole intestinal wall necrosis, serious words will appear perforation or peritonitis symptoms, and even lead to the death of the child. So for such a disease must be treated immediately, the probability of timely success is not very big.

matters needing attention

For the treatment of such diseases, fasting is the first step. After that, we should use some specific ways to reduce the pressure on the gastrointestinal tract, and even use antibiotics for treatment and control if necessary.