What reason is leg acerbity

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If it is true that you can rule out the soreness of muscle lactic acid changes caused by a large amount of exercise, then you should have a good understanding of whether it is soreness or pain. Let's talk about the cause of leg soreness.

What reason is leg acerbity

First: structural defect of vein wall: long term expansion of vein can make valve appear disuse atrophy, even gradually degenerate and disappear. If valve defect precedes varicose vein, on the one hand, the vein wall will be affected while the valve is destroyed, on the other hand, venous blood stasis can also cause varicose vein or expansion.

Second: venous valve defect: the venous wall is relatively weak, which can expand under the action of venous pressure. The expansion of the valve sinus leads to the failure of the original venous valve to close tightly, resulting in valve dysfunction and blood reflux. Valve dysplasia or absence, can not play an effective role in preventing reflux, leading to the onset of disease.

Third: pregnancy: at present, about 20% of pregnant women will have varicose veins during pregnancy. The reason is that the change of estrogen level in women's body during pregnancy causes the relaxation of venous smooth muscle and contributes to the insufficiency of valve function. This phenomenon can be eliminated by some patients after delivery, and it is difficult for some patients to recover without treatment, even more and more serious.

matters needing attention

If you are a little more careful, let the pain go naturally. The pain caused by general exercise will go away in a few days, not for a long time.