What does male aphrodisiac eat good

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Every day when I have sex with my husband, I don't have an orgasm. My husband ends in a few minutes every time. I'm very distressed, but I don't mean well, Siming said. One day told my sister, my sister told me that I can give my husband supplementary nutrition, such as aphrodisiac. Then she told me a few tips of aphrodisiac, next I'll tell you what to eat for male aphrodisiac.

What does male aphrodisiac eat good

First: vitamin E is considered to be a kind of sex vitamin. Food sources include malt oil, nuts, wheat, millet and asparagus. Severe lack of vitamin E will lead to Yin, stem degeneration and atrophy, reduction of sex hormone excretion and loss of reproductive ability. Eating foods rich in vitamin E can prevent and improve this situation. Usage: take it once a day, one pill at a time. There are many ways to exercise, but we must choose our own method, not blindly follow the trend, also don't choose casually.

Second: some fish, shrimp, shellfish, seaweed food, conditional can choose to eat sea cucumber for nourishment, sea cucumber: can tonify the kidney and essence, nourishing yin and Yang. Rich in iodine, zinc and other trace elements. Can participate in conditioning metabolism, reduce blood lipid. It contains mucin and other polysaccharides, which can reduce blood fat and anticoagulation, promote hematopoiesis, delay aging, nourish skin, repair arrangement, etc. In clinical medicine, there are many people who want to be aphrodisiac will eat some seafood, the role of seafood is very powerful.

Third: edible animal kidney has the function of tonifying kidney and essence, such as pig liver, sheep waist and so on. It is the concrete embodiment of the theory of "nourishing viscera with viscera" in traditional Chinese medicine. Because it is rich in protein, fat, vitamins and some rare and trace elements, it has the function of nourishing and strengthening. But when eating, make sure the ingredients are clean and hygienic. If male friends want to be aphrodisiac, they can eat more animal liver, because animal liver is a great tonic.

matters needing attention

Chocolate is often associated with love. Experts say that the main component of chocolate is cocoa, which can resist oxidation and reduce blood pressure, but it can never make people feel brave overnight, without the effect of strengthening yang and promoting sex. Many people in India and South America think that chili peppers are similar to male genitalia in appearance and taste pungent and exciting, just like the fire of love. In fact, the substances contained in Pepper only have the functions of antioxidation, promoting metabolism and relieving pain, and have nothing to do with strengthening yang. If you want to be aphrodisiac, you must follow the scientific and reliable method. If you want to buy products, you can't buy them casually. You must understand the ingredients of the products. In the process of impotence, we must maintain a relaxed and happy mood.