How is 18 years old dysmenorrhea to return a responsibility?

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There are many women with dysmenorrhea, and there are many researches on dysmenorrhea. However, in our life, many people don't know much about this early symptom, and the disease is quite serious when it comes on. There are also many products for dysmenorrhea. After a hundred years of continuous efforts in medical research, for why there is menstrual pain, but has not been able to completely find out the reason. Now I'd like to share with you how dysmenorrhea happened at the age of 18?.

How is 18 years old dysmenorrhea to return a responsibility?

First: Generally speaking, primary dysmenorrhea is caused by the factors of the uterus itself, that is, the excessive secretion of prostaglandins in the uterus or endometrium. As for secondary dysmenorrhea, it refers to the menstrual pain from the pelvic cavity, which is mainly caused by endometriosis, uterine fibroids, uterine fibroids and other diseases. As long as we can find the exact cause of dysmenorrhea, we call it secondary dysmenorrhea.

Second: primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea treatment is not the same. In addition, girls generally have fewer secondary problems in the uterus, most of which are primary dysmenorrhea. Because the current studies believe that the occurrence of dysmenorrhea is related to the secretion of prostaglandins, therefore, the best treatment for dysmenorrhea is to block prostaglandin synthesis, that is, to prevent the occurrence of pain, rather than to treat the pain that has occurred.

Third: female friends can use amrita essential oil in their daily life, which can regulate and balance hormones, and is helpful for irregular menstruation, less menstruation and amenorrhea; It can also alleviate the emotional distress caused by the decrease of estrogen; Climacteric use can prevent and reduce hot flashes and other adverse symptoms; The miniature ball bottle can be used anytime and anywhere; Fresh and sweet taste, feel in the warm sunshine, can effectively improve the symptoms of menstruation delay.

matters needing attention

Keep the spirit happy, avoid overwork, tension, fear, worry and worry. The reduction of psychological pressure can relieve the degree of uterine spasm, so as to relieve dysmenorrhea. Avoid all cold food, they will stimulate the uterus, tubal contraction, thereby inducing or aggravating dysmenorrhea. Avoid indigestible and irritating food, such as pepper, green onion, garlic, pepper, liquor, etc.