When is the best time to treat gastric cancer

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A few years ago, my grandfather was not very well. He recovered after a long rest after gastric cancer surgery. But recently, he found something wrong with his digestive function. After going to the hospital for examination, he learned that gastric cancer recurred again. Today, let me talk about when is the best time to treat gastric cancer.

When is the best time to treat gastric cancer

First, surgery is the main method for the treatment of gastric cancer, which is the only way to cure gastric cancer. Chemotherapy is mainly used for adjuvant treatment before, during and after surgery, or for patients with advanced gastric cancer who can not be operated. Endoscopic treatment is a relatively new treatment method in recent years. Endoscopic mucosal resection is feasible for early gastric cancer, and local drug injection is feasible for middle and advanced gastric cancer.

Second: the early treatment of gastric cancer is very simple. When we find this disease in the examination, we must choose the correct treatment method under the advice and guidance of the doctor, and try our best to eradicate it. The choice of scientific methods in the treatment of advanced stage can also control the disease and delay the life cycle. Only in this way can we really get rid of this disease. This disease is not terrible. What is terrible is our attitude towards it. We must adjust ourselves well and deal with it with a positive heart.

Third: cancer, as a malignant tumor, seriously affects people's normal life. Gastric cancer is divided into four stages, the first and second stage is mainly surgery, supplemented by traditional Chinese medicine and chemotherapy; the third stage is surgical resection of the lesion, combined with chemotherapy and traditional Chinese medicine; the fourth stage is mainly TCM treatment, supplemented by chemotherapy or traditional Chinese medicine, anticancer chemotherapy, treating both the symptoms and the root causes, combining attack and supplement, assisting attack, focusing on attack and supplement, eliminating pathogenic factors and strengthening the body.

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In short, for patients with gastric cancer, it is recommended not to use drugs blindly, but to see a doctor in time, cooperate with the doctor for regular treatment after confirming the condition, and maintain a good attitude to face the disease, so as to control the disease as soon as possible and reduce the impact on life.