How to treat anxiety disorder before marriage

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I've been in love with my boyfriend for several years. We love each other very much, and my boyfriend is very considerate to me. Later, we met our parents. Unconsciously, we are at the age of marriage. Our family has chosen us a lucky day. We are going to have a wedding in about a week, but I don't know why we are always nervous, I can't sleep at night, and my temper has become very big. Let's take a look at the following.

How to treat anxiety disorder before marriage

First, many couples are prone to worry and worry before they get married, because their relationship has changed, and then they are afraid and worried about life after marriage and family pressure. They don't know how to face their own marriage and lack of life experience.

Second: Premarital anxiety is mainly reflected in: tension, anxiety, insomnia and dreaminess, fear, loss of appetite, restlessness, dry mouth and sweating, feeling very unknown and confused about the future life, and some couples with poor psychological quality will have the idea of not getting married or escaping from marriage.

Third: patients can relax before marriage. They can exercise properly, go shopping, do housework, listen to music, talk about some relaxed topics with friends, plan a wedding with their fiance, etc. to eliminate the anxiety before marriage. For those with serious anxiety, they can take some drugs to relieve their symptoms.

matters needing attention

Usually pay more attention to rest, to ensure adequate sleep time, love sports newlyweds, can choose one of their favorite sports, start sweating, a good way to relieve anxiety, keep a happy mood, do a beautiful bride.