What is flat wart called good

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When I was in high school, I had flat wart all the time, but I had no time because of my busy study. I decided to treat it after the college entrance examination. On the day of college entrance examination, I met an old classmate of my mother. She saw the flat wart on my face and introduced me to a hospital. Now it has been cured. Next, let's talk about flat wart.

What is flat wart called good

First of all: flat wart morphological characteristics: generally needle to rice grain large or slightly large flat papules, round or irregular shape, slightly higher than the surface of the skin, can also significantly protrude and form a dome. The symptoms of verruca plana are smooth surface, clear boundary, hard touch, light brown or gray, light yellow or normal skin color.

Secondly: flat wart prone sites: face, forehead and back of hand, can also occur in the wrist and knee. Most of them are symmetrical and the number is variable. Sometimes it coexists with verruca vulgaris. Can be self-healing, can also recur, after healing does not leave scars.

Finally: verruca plana occurs in teenagers, mostly in autumn, which is a serious disease for people. Flat wart does not have conscious symptom commonly, have tiny urticant. It often occurs on the face, forehead and the back of the hand, but also on the wrist and knee, which seriously affects the appearance.

matters needing attention

Pay attention to personal hygiene, avoid sharing cleaning utensils with others, I wish you a speedy recovery.