How does stomachache have a fever not have diarrhoea to return a responsibility

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Today, I went to the buffet with my colleagues after work, and it was Japanese style buffet. We all like to eat salmon. Because of the self-help, we ate a lot of hot dishes and cold drinks. Just when we ate almost, my colleague suddenly had a stomachache. At first, he thought it was caused by eating too much, but later he had diarrhea. It seemed that he had a bad stomach, Therefore, if you do not adapt to eat raw and cold food or the best to eat less, especially in patients with intestinal diseases, we must pay attention to. Let's take a look at the following.

How does stomachache have a fever not have diarrhoea to return a responsibility

First: a lot of disease symptoms will appear stomachache, such as gastrointestinal diseases, appendicitis, gynecological diseases and so on. Especially in daily life, careless eating wrong or eating bad things will cause stomachache, even diarrhea. If you can't make clear what causes your stomachache, it's better to pass the hospital examination for the sake of insurance.

Second: now summer is coming, because it's very hot, we choose to cool down by blowing the air conditioner, eating cold drinks, drinking ice water or frozen drinks. But summer is also a season of bacteria breeding. However, if we don't pay attention to diet, eating ice after eating hot dishes, or long-term exposure to cold during air conditioning, it will cause stomachache, so we must pay attention to it.

Third: in the usual diet, it is best to light, do not eat spicy food, also do not eat cold food, especially Japanese food, raw Japanese food is more, if the food is not fresh enough, it is easy to eat bad stomach will be stomachache, there is unclean food do not eat, such as roadside snacks.

matters needing attention

Stomachache is also a common symptom. Most people will encounter it, but the reasons are different. It's caused by diet and disease. It's because too common symptoms can easily delay the illness. It's suggested to have regular physical examination and be responsible for your own health.