What reason is throat phlegm much

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Sore throat phlegm may be in the human bronchial, nasal, respiratory and other places, there may be foreign bodies, may also be virus and bacteria infection. The infection of these foreign bodies or bacteria and viruses will make people's throat inflamed. At the same time, it may also make people's bronchus inflamed. The inflamed bronchus and the mucous membrane in the nasal cavity will secrete a lot of liquid to remove these foreign bodies from the body. In this way, the inflammation will lead to sore throat, and the excessive secretion of liquid will lead to phlegm. In addition to sore throat and phlegm, the patient may also have cough, thirst and fever.

What reason is throat phlegm much

First: in the view of traditional Chinese medicine, people with sore throat and phlegm may be caused by lack of Qi and weakness. In patients with Qi deficiency, physical weakness is the external performance, and the internal performance is spleen weakness. After spleen deficiency, water dampness stays and condenses into phlegm. In this process, the first can cause throat foreign body feeling and pain, the second can make people cough because of phlegm.

Second, some people don't pay attention to their meals. They usually eat very greasy food and like to drink a little wine every meal. In fact, this is very harmful to their health. Such eating habits can lead to the accumulation of turbid Qi in the stomach, making damp heat produce and externalizing turbid phlegm. If combined with the lack of lung qi, it will cause throat pain and excessive sputum.

Third: people with sore throat and phlegm can also be caused by rhinitis, because after suffering from rhinitis, inflammation will stimulate the nasal cavity and secrete a large number of purulent liquid. Some of these purulent liquid will be discharged from the nasal cavity, and the other part can only be coughed up through the oral cavity because of the blockage of the nose caused by rhinitis, plus the long-term influence of purulent secretion on the human throat Stimulation can cause cough, phlegm and sore throat.

matters needing attention

If you feel uncomfortable throat, you need to pay attention to phlegm. If it is white sputum, it may be caused by wind cold cough. If it is yellow sputum, it may be caused by infection. If it is red sputum, it may be caused by some bleeding.