How is angiitis treated?

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Vasculitis is a common disease with high paroxysmal. The main target of the disease is middle-aged, elderly, especially smoking men. Every time the onset of vasculitis will bring great pain to patients, and with the gradual aggravation of the disease, the pain to patients will be more and more. And in the process of treatment of vasculitis, the degree of impact on the health of patients is also great. Especially when it's serious, even amputation. So it is necessary to understand the treatment of vasculitis.

How is angiitis treated?

For the treatment of vasculitis, mainly according to the condition of patients with vasculitis to decide. Because vasculitis is mainly caused by the blockage of the small arteries in the lower limbs of the human body, which greatly affects the blood transport capacity, the treatment method should be adjusted according to the degree of blockage of the patients' arteries, so as to make the patients get better treatment.

In the treatment of patients with vasculitis, the main attention is to gradually improve the blood transportation, so as to improve the nutrient content of the extremities, to avoid gangrene. Therefore, generally speaking, at this stage, patients are mainly treated with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Such as foot bath and physical therapy, taking Tongmai Capsule at the same time.

For those patients with severe arterial obstruction of the lower extremity, especially those with complete occlusion, we need to use vascular bypass operation. The white spot is to re open a new blood vessel to make the blood flow. If it's only partially blocked and some of it can circulate, then ultrasound ablation is used.

matters needing attention

Patients usually must pay attention not to smoke, usually with the change of seasons, to timely change clothes, especially lower limbs, can not be cold invasion. At ordinary times to maintain a good mood, positive.