Can children eat placenta

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According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, placenta has the functions of strengthening body and tonifying deficiency, nourishing blood and essence, tonifying kidney and strengthening yang, supplementing qi and strengthening spleen. Placenta tablets or traditional Chinese medicine on the Ziheche, is the main treatment of asthenia and emaciation, fatigue heat bone steaming, cough and asthma hemoptysis, night sweat spermatorrhea and neurasthenia, anemia body deficiency of good medicine, for Yiqi bujingxue. In this way, there are many benefits to eating placenta. However, for young children, taking drugs need to pay attention to control the dosage, then, can children eat placenta?

Can children eat placenta

First: placenta has certain curative effect on asthma. Some parents may want to treat their children by eating placenta, but this method is not advocated. Placenta belongs to the treatment of drugs, in traditional Chinese medicine theory that placenta is a great tonic, not suitable for the physical development of children is not yet complete, so it is not recommended to choose placenta as a child's health care or conditioning drugs. What's more, children's asthma can generally be cured by themselves. When children grow up and are in good health, they will not commit the disease again. Even if you want to treat asthma, you should choose other suitable drugs according to the doctor's advice and diagnosis.

Second: placenta can improve immunity. Some parents may think that using placenta can improve children's immunity, but this method is not advocated. First, the placenta is not hygienic. The placenta comes from the human body and may carry some pathogenic microorganisms. In case of hepatitis B, the placenta also carries virus. In case of careless infection during processing, it is also very dangerous, especially for children with low immunity. If the child's immunity is low and has a cold in a few days, you can use a little bit of synbiotic probiotics powder and colostrum powder for health care after the cold is cured or when there is no discomfort. It can also let children exercise more and eat nutritious food.

Third: the placenta contains some hormones, especially sex hormones, although the cooking, but can not completely inactivate hormones, children after eating, may cause precocious puberty, has an extremely adverse impact on growth and development. Therefore, it is not recommended that children eat placenta.

matters needing attention

Placenta is a tonic, which is also called "strong medicine". Even for adults, it is not easy to take it unless it is serious. Let alone for children? For children, regulating the spleen and stomach is the most important thing. If there is no pathological performance, we should try to use food conditioning, at the same time, more outdoor activities, can also strengthen the child's physique, abuse the placenta to supplement the child, not only does not have too obvious benefits, but is easy to cause serious effects.