How does liver cancer terminal ache alleviate

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How to relieve the pain of advanced liver cancer? My grandfather drank Baijiu every day, so his liver was not good enough, which caused his skin to be yellow and his appetite was bad. He always ate a little bit every day. He had always had pain in the upper abdomen at the end of last year. He should treat the patient with this disease as soon as possible. Treatment of this problem to tell you.

How does liver cancer terminal ache alleviate

Treatment 1: Chinese medicine can be used to treat liver cancer. Some herbs of traditional Chinese medicine can enhance the body immunity of liver cancer, and it also has the advantage of reducing side effects. It can even be said that there are no side effects in the treatment of liver cancer with traditional Chinese medicine. It is feasible to treat liver cancer with traditional Chinese medicine for patients with mid-term liver cancer, but the duration of treatment with traditional Chinese medicine is relatively long, so we need to adhere to oral Chinese medicine.

Treatment 2: liver transplantation is a treatment for liver cancer. However, liver transplantation is also conditional, not every patient with liver cancer can carry out liver transplantation, for patients with early liver cancer and patients with less tumor and smaller diameter of liver cancer, liver transplantation can be carried out, but if the tumor is too large or the number of tumor is large, it is not suitable for this method.

Treatment 3: chemotherapy for liver cancer. This is also a common method for the treatment of liver cancer. It can directly treat liver cancer. Through chemotherapy, the volume of liver tumor can be reduced, and various discomfort caused by liver cancer can be treated. However, chemotherapy has side effects, causing great harm to the patient's body, and chemotherapy will reduce our body's immunity.

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In life, everyone's physique and economic situation are different, so the treatment method will be different. In the treatment of liver cancer disease at the same time or to do a good job of postoperative care, I hope the above content can help you.