The best way to go bags under the eyes

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My wife always stays up late because of work. Recently, I found that his bags under his eyes are much more obvious than before. The general methods have been used, but there is no effect. I have no way to do it. Finally, I chose to have an operation on bags under his eyes, and the effect is very good. About the best way to go pouch? Do you know? Today, let me learn from you the best way to go to pouch.

The best way to go bags under the eyes

Method 1: you can also use some cream or oil on the face and hit the face with your fingers upward. Pay special attention to the soft skin around the eyes. At ordinary times should avoid randomly pull the eyelid or its outward excessive extension, these measures are helpful to eliminate bags under the eyes.

Method 2: chewing carrots and celery or chewing gum in daily diet is good for improving facial skin. Usually still need to pay attention to eat some colloid, high quality protein, animal liver and tomatoes, potatoes and other food. Attention to dietary balance can provide necessary nutrients for the regeneration of tissue cells in this part, and it is also beneficial to the elimination of lower eyelid bags.

Method 3: to pouch massage: eye point massage can stimulate the eye meridian and acupoints, can regulate the blood of the eye skin. Regular eye massage can remove bags under the eyes and achieve the effect of beauty.

matters needing attention

Bleeding after removing the pouch. General intradermal and subcutaneous bleeding is easy to control and deal with, and will not bring serious sequelae, at most see subcutaneous congestion, cyanosis. If the hemostasis is not good when the fat behind the orbital diaphragm is removed through the inner lower eyelid fornix incision, it often leads to upper and lower eyelids, eyeballs and even retrobulbar hemorrhage and bruise, which will seriously affect the vision.