How does impotence oneself treat?

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Sex life plays an important role in marriage. Marriage without sex is fragile. A good sex life can make the relationship between husband and wife more harmonious through physiological and psychological changes. But when a man has impotence, his self-esteem and the relationship between husband and wife will face no small blow and test. The treatment of impotence will also become a problem that men are ashamed to speak and have to face. Impotence has a great impact on maintaining the relationship between husband and wife and enhancing men's self-confidence, which is the root of many couples' unfortunate life.

How does impotence oneself treat?

Eliminate psychological factors. Male friends often feel depressed and lose confidence because of one or two failed sexual intercourse. What should we do at this time? In this regard, as a wife, we must increase emotional exchanges with her husband, eliminate disharmonious factors, tacit understanding and cooperation. At the same time, the woman should care, caress and encourage her husband, try to avoid showing dissatisfaction and causing mental pressure to her husband.

Adjust sex to avoid overwork. If a man has too much sex for a long time, indulges in pornography, masturbates frequently, leading to mental fatigue, it is an important cause of Yang spasm and premature ejaculation. Therefore, as a wife, it is really an effective measure to prevent impotence and premature ejaculation for her husband to divide the bed between husband and wife, stop sexual life for a period of time, avoid various types of sexual stimulation, and let the central nervous system and sexual organs have a full rest.

Improve physical fitness. Physical weakness, excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, nervous and long-term mental work are all factors of impotence. We should actively engage in physical exercise, strengthen our physique, pay attention to rest, prevent overwork, and adjust the functional imbalance of the central nervous system. To quit smoking alcohol, long-term smoking will hinder blood flow into the body, affect the blood circulation of the penis, affect the production of sexual reaction, leading to impotence.

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In addition, for men who have already suffered from impotence and premature ejaculation disease, the correct face of the disease is the first element. This stems from people's wrong cognition of impotence. In fact, impotence is just like high blood pressure. It's just a common disease, so we should face it correctly.