What causes facial stiffness

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Cheek muscle stiffness is what we call facial paralysis, facial paralysis is a very important thing, because facial paralysis is a common facial disease characterized by dyskinesia of facial muscles, and the general symptoms are very common. It is a common and frequently occurring disease in our life. There is no age limit for this disease, and both men and women will have the disease. After the disease, the patient's face often can't complete the most basic movements. It has a great influence on life and study. It is necessary to understand the symptoms of facial paralysis and make treatment as soon as possible. What's the cause of facial stiffness.

What causes facial stiffness

First: facial paralysis patients often appear, frontal muscle and the side of the disease muscle stiffness, in the expression of the healthy side of the frontal muscle high, the sick side becomes low, showing a side high side low step shape. When the upper and lower eyelids are closed, they are always semi open and cannot be closed naturally.

Second: facial paralysis patients often appear nostrils smaller than before and become very thin, nostrils are usually not as big. Both sides of the affected child and nasolabial sulcus become shorter and shallower. In severe patients, the whole nasolabial sulcus is gone. When eating, the chewing movement is limited, the sense of taste is lost, and the saliva will flow unconsciously.

Third: facial paralysis patients often appear, the normal basic function of the sick side disappears, facial muscles become numb and stiff, unable to do pouting, smiling and other facial expressions, mouth blowing and whistling will leak, sometimes the ear will appear tinnitus, ear plug, ear pain, hearing loss and so on.  

matters needing attention

The patients with facial paralysis need to be treated in time. If they are not treated for a long time, the body may have sequelae. The patients usually need to eat more food that is good for the body. During the treatment, they should not eat some spicy and stimulating food. It is better to keep a happy mood, so that they can get better faster.