What symptom does spontaneity pneumothorax just have?

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Spontaneous pneumothorax is a disease of respiratory medicine. If such a disease occurs, the common symptoms are dyspnea and chest pain. If it is serious, it will lead to persistent cough. Most of the patients with this disease are young men. What symptom does spontaneity pneumothorax just have? Now let me tell you something.

What symptom does spontaneity pneumothorax just have?

In normal people, the pleural membrane is a closed tissue. If it is damaged, it will lead to pleural damage, and then it will lead to gas flowing into the patient's chest, which will lead to spontaneous pneumothorax.

Patients in such a disease attack, the first symptom is dyspnea. At this time, not only the symptoms of cough will appear at the same time, the patient will also have obvious feeling of chest being squeezed. Acute symptoms will be more obvious when they attack.

Pneumothorax in the attack of things, hehe, the patient's chest will appear obvious pain, and such pain is very stimulating. Because of poor breathing, the patient will even have bleeding, at the same time, the blood pressure will decrease and the limbs will get cold, so we need to see a doctor in time.

matters needing attention

The treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax is to reduce the gas in the chest. If there is too much gas in the body, it even needs surgical treatment for aspiration, and antibiotics are also applied to avoid infection.