Can rotator cuff injury recover?

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We know that in ordinary days, a lot of homework needs to pay special attention. Some diseases are very harmful to the body. Among all the joints in our body, the shoulder joint is the most sensitive. Many sports require the shoulder joint and muscles to work together. Therefore, if we don't pay attention to maintenance, shoulder joint injury is very simple, which can be said to be very harmful to our health. Therefore, prevention is very important. How to prevent it?

Can rotator cuff injury recover?

The first one is that with the improvement of people's health awareness, more and more people take part in sports. But the shoulder joint is a very simple part of the injury, especially the rotator cuff damage rate is the highest, we should take it seriously, timely treatment after the injury, so as not to affect the sports ability and daily life.

In addition, when we are doing exercises, we must do some warm-up activities before we start formal exercises. That is to say, we should do the upper arm rotation slowly and controllably, which can help to stretch and exercise the rotator cuff muscles and effectively prevent rotator cuff damage. The effect is very good.

There is also that in sports, athletes should pay attention to themselves, that is to know how to feel their shoulder reactions. Once there is pain and other bad feelings, they must pay attention to and stop sports, and then take necessary maintenance measures or early treatment.

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Finally, let's talk about exercise, especially in the gym. Don't overdo it. You like to practice pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi, do not have a greater intensity of shoulder exercise, exercise is not able to fatigue.