Early detection of ectopic pregnancy symptoms?

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Presumably when we talk about ectopic pregnancy, female friends are not unfamiliar with it. Even many female friends who have not had children know how serious the harm of ectopic pregnancy to themselves. Therefore, we need to master the early signs of ectopic pregnancy, so that we can treat as soon as possible, to avoid missing the best opportunity for treatment. So, what are the signs of ectopic pregnancy? Let's learn about it through the following introduction.

Early detection of ectopic pregnancy symptoms?

Amenorrhea: most patients stop menstruation for 6-8 weeks, but some patients do not have obvious amenorrhea, and some mistakenly think that vaginal bleeding is a normal menstruation.

Abdominal pain: because of the rupture of fallopian tube, it is often one side of the lower abdomen tearing pain, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, anal distension, if it is too much bleeding, the pain is unbearable

Syncope and shock: due to acute intra-abdominal bleeding, it can cause reduction of blood volume and severe abdominal pain. Syncope often occurs in mild cases, and shock occurs in severe cases.

matters needing attention

If you find some of the above manifestations, you should go to the hospital for diagnosis as soon as possible, and then treat symptomatically. If you don't pay attention to them and delay treatment, it may threaten your life. Then you urgently need to go to the hospital for examination, specific and detailed examination and some auxiliary examination.