For insomnia I have a way to treat, might as well also try?

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It seems that this kind of disease is not a particularly strange disease. Some people often have some insomnia symptoms due to some reasons. If insomnia is serious, it will affect our life and work, so we must remember to pay more attention to treatment. Let me learn from you today.

For insomnia I have a way to treat, might as well also try?

First: insomnia, some people will often be caused by diet, often eating at night will cause bloating, leading to unable to sleep, if you do not eat after 7 o'clock, then digestion will be very good, the quality of sleep will be improved.

Second: there is usually more attention to rest time, especially at night must remember to take a hot bath, this can play to alleviate fatigue and blood circulation, and then there will be some drowsiness, so in bed soon fell asleep.

Third: you can drink a little milk and vinegar before going to bed, which can help us fall asleep faster. You can also listen to light music to help us better improve sleep, but don't drink coffee and other drinks, which will refresh us.

matters needing attention

Quiet to improve the quality of sleep is very beneficial, also can't nap too long, after three can't sleep, sleep must turn off the light, so that you can sleep.