Chronic otitis media symptoms?

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When there is a problem in the ear, people still need to find it comprehensively. If they don't pay attention to it, it will only bring some harm to the body. Especially for the emergence of otitis media, people still need to find some symptoms. After the comprehensive discovery, people also need to solve it. So, chronic otitis media symptoms? Let's talk about it

Chronic otitis media symptoms?

Hearing loss. Hearing loss and enhancement. When the head is tilted forward or tilted to the contralateral side, the symptoms of chronic otitis media leave the cochlea due to effusion, and the hearing can be temporarily improved. When the fluid is thick, the hearing will not change with the change of head position. Children are often unresponsive to sound, inattentive, and their academic performance drops, so their parents come to see a doctor. If one ear is sick and the other ear has normal hearing, it can be undetected for a long time, and it can only be found during physical examination.

deaf. The degree of deafness in patients with chronic otitis media is different, because most of them are single ear disease, which is easy to be ignored. This kind of deafness is mostly proportional to the progress of the disease, that is, the disease is more serious, and the deafness is also aggravated. Ear abscess. Empyema is the main symptom of chronic otitis media. The nature of pus can be mucus, mucus or pure pus. Non dangerous purulent is thin and odorless. Although the dangerous type of purulent is not much, but thicker, mostly pure purulent, and accompanied by odor.

Tinnitus. Chronic otitis media patients often have tinnitus symptoms, mostly low-key intermittent, such as "crackle" sound, buzzing and running water sound. When the head moves or yawns or blows the nose, air may appear in the ear, and sometimes the sound of passing water will appear again intermittently.

matters needing attention

The simple type mainly uses local medication, and can be treated with antibiotic aqueous solution or mixed solution of antibiotics and steroid hormones, such as 0.25% chloramphenicol solution, chloramphenicol cortisone solution, ofloxacin ear drops, etc.