What are the symptoms of gas poisoning

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Gas poisoning is caused when the central heating system is not used at home in winter or when the air conditioner is not used to light the stove, or the gas pipe is blocked due to long-term use, resulting in the gas can not be completely discharged to the outside. What are the symptoms of gas poisoning.

What are the symptoms of gas poisoning

The first kind: the whole body chills, this feeling is not very obvious, but from indoor to outdoor, you can obviously feel the whole body unobstructed.

The second: panic. This feeling can be very uncomfortable. This kind of panic is also a manifestation of hypoxia and heavy pressure. At this time, we should find out in time and send them to the hospital as soon as possible.

The third: general weakness, nausea and vomiting, more serious is incontinence, convulsion coma. At this time, the first time to have new oxygen, sent to the hospital in time.

matters needing attention

Oxygen will be automatically distributed in the city or in the forest park, so the oxygen content of the two is the same. The difference is the negative oxygen ion in the oxygen. The negative oxygen ion is vitamin C in the oxygen. The negative oxygen ion exists near the green, so people will feel more comfortable in the forest than in the city center.