The fastest way to remove acne

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I've had acne for two weeks; I thought it would be OK after a period of time; but now there are more and more on my face. Let's talk about the fastest way to remove acne.

The fastest way to remove acne

Method 1: if you want to remove acne on your face, you must first learn how to replenish water. The main reason for skin oil and acne is that the skin is dry and lack of water, so the most important thing to prevent acne is to add water to the skin. The use of moisturizing effect of good make-up water, in the pores of large parts of the use of moisturizing beauty liquid, effective anti acne acne.

Method two: homemade mask can also effectively remove acne. For quick acne whitening, you can also choose pearl powder yogurt mask. Using yogurt to stir pearl powder evenly spread on the face, can reduce the deposition of melanin, fade the freckles on the face, play a whitening acne effect. But we should pay attention to the appropriate amount of pearl powder to avoid blocking pores.

Method 3: in order to quickly remove acne whitening, drinking more water is the most necessary. We must adhere to at least eight glasses of water every day, so as to keep the cells have enough water, protect cell elasticity, replenish water can also speed up the discharge of melanin, play a significant role in whitening, get up early can drink a cup of honey water, the effect is better.

matters needing attention

We should pay attention to the daily cleaning. We all know that one of the causes of acne is because the pores are blocked, so in terms of cleaning, we should pay attention to it. Especially in cleaning the face should pay attention to: to often use warm water to wash the face, to maintain the smooth flow of pores, the face must be washed clean, sooner or later wash the best, the morning wash the face must not be ignored, wash the face should be appropriate to apply some toner, but those prone to acne, should not even make-up water wipe, try to keep dry.