How about regular dialysis

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My friend always needs dialysis because of his illness. When he goes to the hospital, he looks at his haggard face, which makes people feel heartache. I don't know why he always feels that dialysis doesn't have any effect. After consulting the relevant doctors, let me tell you about regular dialysis.

How about regular dialysis

First, dialysis is a separation and purification technology that separates small molecules from biological macromolecules by the principle that small molecules diffuse into water (or buffer solution) through semi permeable membrane. Dialysis therapy is to make the body fluid components (solute or water) through the semipermeable membrane out of the body. It can be divided into hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.

Second: hemodialysis, referred to as hemodialysis, also known as artificial kidney and kidney washing, is a kind of blood purification technology. It uses the principle of semi permeable membrane to remove all kinds of harmful and superfluous metabolic wastes and excessive electrolytes from the body, so as to purify the blood and correct the water electrolyte and acid-base balance.

Third: peritoneal dialysis is the use of peritoneum as a semi permeable membrane, and the prepared dialysate is infused into the peritoneal cavity of patients through catheter under the action of gravity. In this way, there is a concentration gradient difference between the two sides of the peritoneum, and the solute at the high concentration side moves to the low concentration side (diffusion); the water moves from the low permeability side to the high permeability side (osmosis).

matters needing attention

For patients, dialysis is to extend the life of patients, although the harm of dialysis to the human body is after all big, but if you stop dialysis, life will be threatened, so patients should pay attention to that dialysis still has a certain effect on the body.