What to eat is good for liver cancer patients

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Recently, I had frequent liver pain, and I always couldn't eat. I always felt sick and vomiting. I always felt weak and had no spirit at all. I went to the hospital to have a related examination. The doctor said it was liver cancer, and gave me medication. Now it's finally cured. Today I'll share with you what's good for liver cancer patients.

What to eat is good for liver cancer patients

First, the recipe of patients with advanced liver cancer should pay attention to the color, aroma and taste of food, and enhance the patient's appetite. Given a non irritating and digestible diet, the temperature should be appropriate, the speed of eating should be slow, and some traditional Chinese medicine porridge, such as Astragalus porridge, dangshenjing porridge, red jujube porridge and so on, can tonify the spleen and replenish qi.

Second, total parenteral nutrition support should be given when necessary. When blood ammonia is high, protein should be limited or fasted. Carbohydrate is the main heat source. Fruits and vegetables can be used.

Third: in the diet of liver cancer patients, we need to pay attention to high protein, high calorie, high vitamin, low-fat food, such as lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, bean products, fresh vegetables and fruits, and limit the intake of animal oil.

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In order to better supplement nutrition and prevent recurrence of liver cancer, we can eat more nourishing food, such as carp, jujube and other foods with high nutritional value. What are the prevention methods of liver cancer? Food is the fundamental source of physical exercise. We should have a reasonable and healthy diet, which is also the main way to prevent the recurrence of liver cancer.