Latent symptoms of female condyloma acuminatum

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Condyloma acuminatum can have very strong infectivity, and it does not, its hyperplasia belongs to benign papillomatosis, the incidence of condyloma acuminatum can be in men and women, and the general incidence of pseudo condyloma acuminatum for women, and the main part of the disease is also the inner side of the labia minora, looks like caviar, the initial will not have itching feeling. Let me share with you the latent symptoms of female condyloma acuminatum.

Latent symptoms of female condyloma acuminatum

First: condyloma acuminatum is a sexually transmitted disease of both men and women. Condyloma acuminatum mainly occurs in male and female genitalia and perianal. In men, the most common sites are around the coronal sulcus and frenulum of prepuce, which can also be seen in penis, prepuce, glans and urethral orifice. Most of the patients are young and middle-aged people who are sexually active. Before the onset of the disease, most of them had a history of unclean sexual contact or their spouses had a history of infection.

Second: suffering from condyloma acuminatum, many people initially have no symptoms, symptoms for local itching, pain, bleeding after sexual intercourse and vaginal secretions, have a history of sexual disorder, vulva, vagina, cervix, perianal, common two parts occur at the same time, often involving from the cervix to the anus all squamous epithelium covered area of multiple parts, showing multi center lesions, serious cases can involve the uterine cavity.

Third: condyloma acuminatum in male patients prone to prepuce frenum, coronal groove, prepuce, urethra, penis, anus and scrotum around. At the beginning of the disease, it was light red or purplish red miliary macrophyte with soft nature, slightly pointed tip, growing or increasing gradually. It can develop into papillary or cystic, with broad or banded base and granules on the surface. In the anus is often enlarged, like cauliflower, the surface is wet or bleeding, there is pus between the particles, emitting a foul smell, scratching can be secondary infection.

matters needing attention

Develop a good habit of work and rest. If the patient after suffering from the disease, the body does not pay attention to their own, nervous tension, fatigue, fatigue, do not pay attention to strengthen nutrition, life work and rest time is highly disordered, and do not pay attention to eating habits, hunger a full meal, and do not pay attention to health, leading to frequent infection of the virus itself, leading to recurrent attacks of condyloma acuminatum.