How does second liver big three Yang return a responsibility?

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I believe we all know the harm of liver disease. We must take more care and maintenance of our body on weekdays. So once we have such a disease, we should treat it in time. Hepatitis B is a common disease in our daily life. Many people think it's terrible, whether it's for the sick or the healthy, They all form a sense of fear that the disease will be contagious. In fact, the disease can be controlled. So how does the patient put forward second liver big three yang to return a responsibility?.

How does second liver big three Yang return a responsibility?

First: liver function damage leads to the occurrence of hepatitis B. We know that the liver of patients with hepatitis B is vulnerable to the invasion of hepatitis B virus, which will lead to the bilirubin of patients into the blood, thus causing three yellow symptoms. This will lead to serious consequences of hepatitis B patients.

Second: bad eating habits lead to the occurrence of hepatitis B. If hepatitis B patients often eat greasy, fried, spicy food and other food, it will increase the burden of patients' stomach and indirectly lead to infection. In addition, due to malnutrition, such as partial diet, picky food, a lot of smoking, etc., will lead to the weakening of the patient's body resistance, leading to the occurrence of hepatitis B disease.

Third: familial transmission, which mainly includes two forms of mother to child vertical transmission and mother to child vertical transmission, and mother to child transmission is the main way. If the mother is positive, if the child is not injected with hepatitis B vaccine in time, it is likely to be a hepatitis B carrier or a hepatitis B patient.

matters needing attention

I hope you should pay more attention in your life. When the liver function is not complete, you can't adjust the balance of copper in the body, and copper is easy to accumulate in the liver. Studies have shown that the storage of copper in the liver of patients with liver disease is 5-10 times that of normal people, and the content of copper in the liver of patients with biliary cirrhosis is 60-80 times higher than that of normal people. Medical experts pointed out that excessive copper in the liver can lead to necrosis of liver cells. At the same time, excessive copper in the body can cause renal insufficiency. Therefore, patients with liver disease should eat less jellyfish, squid, shrimp, snails and other foods containing more copper.