How does postpartum body grow red pimple to treat

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With the development of society, the incidence of postnatal red pimples is getting higher and higher. It is also a common allergic disease, which is commonly seen in skin allergy. In life, most patients have weak health awareness and don't know what the disease is. In fact, it is related to the allergen of the skin. In the early stage, they will have skin itching with pimples, 5 red, and more pimples with time, No pain, if there is no early symptoms, delay treatment, patients will appear irritable, affect life, study and work, so we should find as soon as possible, early treatment.

How does postpartum body grow red pimple to treat

First: in clinical practice, many patients find it difficult to treat, or relapse after successful treatment, but in fact, as long as the correct treatment and prevention methods are mastered, they can be cured. Because the cause of postpartum red pimple is skin allergy caused by skin contact with allergens, so the first step in our treatment is to find allergens, not contact with allergens, such as catkins, blankets, leather, pets, poultry, pollen, fish and shrimp.

Second: if the patient can not determine the allergen in life, can go to the regular hospital for allergen examination, with the doctor's treatment, choose the most suitable treatment for patients, usually can follow the doctor's advice, external use calamine lotion or cyproheptadine ointment, and daily oral administration of vitamin C, to prevent scratching allergic place, will cause redness, make the affected area more itching.

Third, we can also choose traditional Chinese medicine for adjuvant treatment. Because traditional Chinese medicine has little damage to the body, it can not only improve the patient's physique, but also improve the patient's immunity. Therefore, there are many patients who choose traditional Chinese medicine for adjuvant treatment in clinic. If the patient's condition is serious, they can choose Western medicine for treatment under the condition of isolating allergens,

matters needing attention

In daily life, patients should improve their health awareness, take precautions, don't eat spicy food, don't drink, don't stay up late, eat light diet, eat less greasy food, and keep the living environment healthy