Symptoms of congenital stupidity

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Congenital folly is a common disease in life. The limbs of patients with this disease will be unable to move, and there will be mental disorders. It's necessary to increase the understanding of congenital folly and master its symptoms. Many patients will also have skeletal changes and symptoms of congenital folly. Let me tell you about it.

Symptoms of congenital stupidity

Congenitally stupid babies have low intelligence, slow growth and development, and their faces are special congenitally stupid faces. And this face will not change with age, it will follow the baby's life like a mark. And the baby's body may grow much slower than healthy children, appears very short. Some of them are tall. But I can't take care of myself.

Congenital folly is our usual saying, also known as Down's syndrome. It's an autosomal aberration. And the older the mother, the higher the risk of Down syndrome. Therefore, the elderly puerpera must take the prenatal examination seriously. No carelessness.

Children with limb diseases have severe hypotonia, soft limbs joints, and can climb freely. Their hands are wide and thick, and their fingers are short. The end of the little finger often bends inward. Their middle phalanx is shorter and wider than normal. The feet are wide and thick, and the female toes are far away from the other four toes.

matters needing attention

After finding that the child has the above symptoms, we should help the patient to do treatment in time, pay attention to congenital stupidity, master the symptoms of the disease, and do not let the disease threaten health. If we want to have a healthy body, we should take good care of ourselves and the child's health in life.