How to treat severe cervicitis

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My neighbor is a patient with severe cervicitis. After he had a baby, her husband had sex with her, and then his body began to fade. However, his family was poor, and her husband was not willing to pay for his treatment. As a result, his condition became more and more serious. Some time ago, he couldn't hold on any longer. He asked me to help her go to the hospital and the doctor checked him. Then he found that he had moderate cervicitis, and then he was in pain. I would like to ask how to treat?

How to treat severe cervicitis

First: severe cervicitis more serious gynecological diseases, most people are due to mild cervicitis, did not get effective treatment, developed into chronic severe cervicitis, but severe cervicitis can also be cured, the first treatment is local medication.

Second: local medicine is generally used to treat cervicitis with some drugs, put in the vagina, this can play a sterilization effect, generally suitable for most patients with cervicitis, you can try. I think this method should be effective.

Third: of course, for patients with severe cervicitis, if only local medication is used, the effect may not be very good, so I should also use some systemic antibiotics, as long as it can be used in both ways. Can play a better therapeutic effect, and the general effect is quite good.

matters needing attention

I hope your neighbor can pay attention to his personal body in the future life. If he finds anything abnormal in his body, he should hurry to the hospital for treatment. Only in this way can he solve the problem best.