Is curative effect of small liver cancer good

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My liver has not been very good. I have had hepatitis before. Recently, I found that my complexion is getting yellow, and my urine is yellow. I have no energy on my body, and I can't eat anything. Sometimes I feel a little bloated in my abdomen. In order to prevent this situation, I'd like to introduce some cure methods for small liver cancer.

Is curative effect of small liver cancer good

Treatment 1: the treatment of liver cancer is known to have surgery and chemoradiotherapy, surgery and chemoradiotherapy are also the treatment methods that many patients will choose, but the treatment of advanced patients can not be ignored, actively cooperate with the treatment, improve the patient's own immunity, and have a good inhibitory effect on the spread and metastasis of cancer.

Treatment 2: in fact, traditional Chinese medicine treatment of advanced liver cancer can play a very big role in patients, traditional Chinese medicine can effectively inhibit cancer cells, can fundamentally improve the patient's own immunity, the most important is that its side effects are very small, suitable for long-term use. With the permission of the doctor, the patient can take the correct prescription according to his own actual situation.

Usually eat protein rich food, but it can also help to improve the liver. The patients with severe illness may have the risk of inducing hepatic coma, and the patients with aura of hepatic coma should be fasted with high protein food.

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We can judge whether it is liver cancer through these six symptoms in our daily life. If you want to treat liver cancer, there are many treatment methods at present, such as cellular immunotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc., which are all effective, especially the first treatment method.