What reason is insomnia?

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Insomnia is also divided into: acute insomnia, subacute insomnia, chronic insomnia and so on. In view of the increasing social pressure, young people's insomnia and lack of sleep has become a very serious problem. Of course, we also talked about the causes and consequences of insomnia and so on. So, what are the causes of insomnia? Let me talk about it

What reason is insomnia?

Psychological factors: the main performance is difficult to sleep before going to bed, easy to wake up after sleep (nightmares, noise, etc.), it is difficult to sleep after waking up every time. It contains a variety of complex psychological activities, such as: uneasiness, nostalgia, sadness, worry, anxiety, pain and even happiness, happiness, pleasure, etc., all of which produce insomnia.

Environmental factors: there are mainly social environment and natural environment. Social environment includes: work pressure, life pressure, family pressure, etc. they lead to insomnia through psychological factors; Natural environment: neighbors noisy, surrounding noise environment, can also lead to insomnia

Nervous insomnia: the cause of insomnia is caused by psychiatric diseases, such as depression, pre epilepsy and so on; Performance: early wake up and deep sleep reduced, for this kind of insomnia, personal advice is best to choose to the hospital consultation, treatment; As the family members of patients, they should also take proper care of their clothing, housing and transportation

matters needing attention

Of course, proper exercise and reasonable diet also help to improve the quality of sleep. Through the above analysis, we can simply judge the cause of insomnia, and then choose the solution of the year.