What symptom is penile prepuce pruritus red

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Recently, I always feel more and more uncomfortable under myself. I often feel my vaginal prepuce and itching symptoms. Now I always feel that my appetite is not very good. I always feel that my body is really bad now. I always want to go to the hospital for examination, but I'm not good now Work will always be very busy, there is no time, want to know under normal circumstances will be what causes it. Let's take a look at the following.

What symptom is penile prepuce pruritus red

First: generally, some young men have a long prepuce, and the dirty things inside can't be photographed, which will induce the appearance of balanitis. Generally, for patients with balanitis, the main symptoms are red and swollen glans, itching and other symptoms. It must be treated in time.

Second: if male friends have dirty sex, they will easily be infected with Trichomonas, mold, fungi, genital herpes and other diseases. These diseases will also lead to pruritus in male genitalia. If there are symptoms of discomfort, they must be treated as soon as possible.

Third: the time of sex life must pay attention to the cleaning of the pudenda, otherwise, it will cause the symptoms of itching penis prepuce, usually also need to pay attention to their pudenda dry, can't always pass some wet underwear, usually the diet should be light.

matters needing attention

When there is pruritus, we must pay attention not to always use our hands to grasp, usually also need to pay attention to their diet is not to eat some spicy things, also need to pay attention not to eat seafood food.