How is palm shown yellow to return a responsibility?

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For mature women, there is a physiological period every month. So easy to appear complexion deficiency, if not pay attention to timely conditioning, otherwise easy to cause pale, also easy to lead to symptoms of palm yellowing. This is due to the spleen is not good, Qi and blood deficiency caused. How is palm shown yellow to return a responsibility? Let's talk about it

How is palm shown yellow to return a responsibility?

Traditional Chinese medicine generally believes that people with yellow hands have a bad spleen. Spleen is located in the center of the abdomen. People with poor spleen usually have insufficient gastric motility and poor ability to absorb nutrients in food, which leads to malnutrition.

This condition is called "blood deficiency" in traditional Chinese medicine. For women, there is a period of time is particularly easy to fall into the state of blood deficiency, that is, before and during menstruation. Before and during menstruation, due to the change of hormone balance in women, it is easy to produce blood deficiency, that is, blood gas loss.

Women with yellow hands are prone to chronic blood deficiency, and they are more likely to have blood deficiency symptoms before and during menstruation than others. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, "the smooth flow of Qi and blood will make the spirit peaceful.".

matters needing attention

In order to supplement nutrition and energy, women will want to eat a lot of high calorie junk food as their "energy source". If the symptoms worsen, it may lead to bulimia. Girls with such symptoms should pay more attention.