What symptom does male infertility have?

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Infertility is a very common disease. Generally refers to the couple in the normal sex life under no protective measures, still not normal pregnancy or make each other pregnant state. Once men suffer from infertility, they may bear more pressure than women. So infertility this phenomenon occurs in men, what kind of symptoms will it have? Let's take a look at this problem. Let's talk about some of my views and share my experience!

What symptom does male infertility have?

1. In clinical medicine, male infertility is generally called infertility. The more common symptom is that men have less semen. Because the amount of semen in sick men is too small, male sperm can not normally combine with female eggs.

2. Many men suffer from infertility, which can lead to impotence or premature ejaculation. Men may have erectile dysfunction. Many men have symptoms of inaccurate ejaculation. It is suggested that if suffering from this disease, it is best to be able to early and timely treatment.

3. There are a lot of sick men who have penile pain. This is especially true when having sex with a woman. There are also some men whose semen has no sperm. In fact, these symptoms are also one of the inducing factors of male infertility.

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In fact, many men suffer from infertility in their lives. This disease is not so serious in the early stage, but many men think that infertility is difficult to talk about, and many men do not have timely treatment for this reason. So we should face the disease correctly.