What does kidney failure folk prescription have, whether symptomatic!

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In view of this kind of disease, kidney deficiency and renal failure is a long-term problem for many men. It should be clear in our hearts that men's kidney function often reminds us of sexual function. you 're right! The two are closely related. When it comes to tonic, the two are inseparable. So let's share what is the prescription of renal failure and whether it is symptomatic!.

What does kidney failure folk prescription have, whether symptomatic!

First: low potassium diet. Uremic period generally have high blood potassium, to strictly limit the intake of potassium, high potassium foods are fresh broad beans, Mallow, yam, spinach, amaranth, kelp, laver, black dates, apricot, almond, banana, walnut, peanut, green beans, soybeans, mung beans, soybeans, sheep waist, pig waist, etc.

Second: low phosphorus diet. A very low phosphorus diet is required. Food containing high phosphorus and high dried bean seeds, nuts, animal viscera, bone soup, etc. and potassium can be removed by cooking methods, such as boiling the soup with water, boiling the fruit with sugar and discarding the water.

Third: high calorie diet. To ensure adequate calories is the guarantee of long-term low protein diet. The daily intake is 30-35 kcal / kg body weight. About 2000-2500 kcal per day.

matters needing attention

In addition, the syndrome differentiation of patients with renal failure is mostly due to positive deficiency and turbid obstruction. Positive deficiency weakens the function of external defense, turbid obstruction weakens the disharmony of Qi and blood, and causes the disorder of Ying and blood, which is easy to be attacked by external pathogens and aggravates the disease. Therefore, the ward should be ventilated, the temperature and temperature should be appropriate, and there should be sufficient sunlight, and it should be fumigated and disinfected with vinegar every day.