What's the shape of dysentery under the microscope

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Some people with bad stomach will get dysentery. From a medical point of view, dysentery is also an infectious disease. Now a lot of drug treatment and surgical treatment can control the incidence of dysentery. So what is dysentery like? Let's talk about the shape of dysentery under the microscope.

What's the shape of dysentery under the microscope

First: the determination of fat globules, nitrogen content, muscle fiber and chymotrypsin content in feces: under the high power field of microscope, when the number of fat globules is more than 100 (Sudan III staining method), fat malabsorption can be considered; when the nitrogen content in feces increases, carbohydrate malabsorption can be considered; when the muscle fiber in feces increases and chymotrypsin content decreases, small intestinal malabsorption can be indicated.

Second, colonoscopy is of great value in the diagnosis of terminal ileal diseases, such as intestinal tuberculosis, Crohn's disease, other ulcerative diseases and colorectal diseases, dysentery is also closely related to the impairment of human gastrointestinal function, such as ulcerative colitis, colon, rectal polyps and cancer, chronic hemophagocytosis, etc.

Third, although enteroscopy has not been widely carried out, it is of great significance in the diagnosis of intestinal malabsorption and Whipple's disease. The condition of small intestinal mucosa can be observed by enteroscopy, and the changes of microvilli and glands can be judged by biopsy. All Shigella can produce endotoxin, cytotoxin and enterotoxin, Shigella can also produce neurotoxin.

matters needing attention

Dysentery is also a kind of bacterial infection, which can affect the normal function of human small intestine and stomach organs. And the microscope can also show that dysentery can produce some toxins that other people don't have. So get dysentery must be treated in time, do not let the disease become more serious, finally to the point of uncontrollable.