Symptoms of stillbirth in late pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a happy thing for every pregnant family. So when we are pregnant, we must protect ourselves, understand the signals sent by the body, and prevent the fetus from any discomfort. Fetal arrest is very common in early pregnancy, any harmful behavior may cause fetal arrest. So we must understand the relevant knowledge about fetal arrest, so what are the symptoms of stillbirth in early pregnancy? Let's talk about it.

Symptoms of stillbirth in late pregnancy

Generally speaking, most of the early pregnant women will have nausea and vomiting. If, suddenly this symptom stops, then we should pay attention to the changes of the fetus in the abdomen, it is best to do B ultrasound regularly. There is also a large number of vaginal bleeding accompanied by fetal birth arrest, abdominal pain unbearable symptoms. These are obvious. But some people may not have any reaction.

Early pregnant women, especially in 1-3 months, generally have no special pregnancy reaction. If pregnant women with pregnancy and vomiting suddenly stop, accompanied by severe or persistent abdominal pain during this period, it should cause the attention of pregnant women and their families.

In the case of stillbirth, pregnant women will have varying degrees of vaginal bleeding. If pregnant women in early pregnancy find that they have bad breath and vaginal bleeding, they should go to the hospital in time for B-ultrasound to detect the development of fetal buds.

matters needing attention

Some women in early pregnancy, if often drinking or smoking, may also lead to fetal death phenomenon, sometimes, due to sperm quality problems may lead to abnormal reactions in the process of fetal development, so usually there should be a good way to exercise.