Symptoms of female laryngeal cancer?

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In recent years, because of unhealthy voice, especially often eat some very spicy hot pot, or often eat some spicy hot, these things are very stimulating to eat, but they also stimulate our body, may cause a series of gastric ulcer or chronic pharyngitis, more serious will become gastric cancer or laryngeal cancer. So in order to avoid these, we should change our living habits, live a healthy life and have a healthy body. Now let's introduce the symptoms of female laryngeal cancer?

Symptoms of female laryngeal cancer?

First: one of the early symptoms of laryngeal cancer is the feeling of foreign bodies in the throat, or dysphagia when eating. When these situations happen, you should pay attention to whether something happens to your own throat. Do not eat some stimulating cold food, drink more porridge, eat some light vegetables, to see if the symptoms are relieved.

Second: when spitting, pay attention to whether there is blood in the sputum. If there is blood on the regular hospital to check it! Even if it's not laryngeal cancer, it must be a throat problem caused by the wrong lifestyle. We should pay attention to conditioning according to the doctor's advice. It's good to eat more vegetables and fruits. Never smoke or drink again.

Third: is there pain in the ear? One or two times of pain may be due to the unhygienic use of the ear, but frequent pain may have problems. Either the ear is inflamed, or some parts are inflamed. It is transmitted to the ear through the nerve. Go to check in time to know your physical condition in time. Don't put too much psychological pressure on yourself.

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Don't worry about your illness. Also don't take your seat according to some words. You must go to a regular hospital for a routine examination. No disease is the best, and you can clearly grasp your physical condition.