How to return a responsibility of haemorrhage of abortion 6 days?

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A lot of women go to class or work directly after the abortion, which is totally wrong. This will leave your body with sequelae, so women must pay attention to their body and rest after the abortion. So now let's share about the six days of abortion bleeding how to return a responsibility? The knowledge of.

How to return a responsibility of haemorrhage of abortion 6 days?

First: abortion surgery on patients with greater damage to the body, some patients bleeding after a few days need to be immediately remedied, after abortion patients should be fully rested, need to stay in bed for at least 2 ~ 3 days, later can get out of bed activities, gradually increase the activity time, and half a month shall not be engaged in heavy physical labor. Some patients work as usual or even overtime after abortion, which will bring great damage to the body and is not conducive to recovery.

Second, after abortion, patients need to make reasonable arrangements on the quantity, quality and mutual collocation of various foods to meet the body's needs for protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, inorganic salts, water and cellulose. They can eat more chicken, lean pork, eggs, milk and beans, bean products, fresh vegetables and fruits, and limit the intake of fat appropriately, Avoid spicy food, such as pepper, wine, pepper, etc.

Third: after abortion, the cervix of the patient has not been completely closed, and the endometrium has not been completely repaired. During this period of recovery, special attention should be paid to keep the vulva clean, frequently change sanitary napkins, frequently wash underwear, and do not take a sitz bath within half a month after the operation, so as to avoid dirty water entering the vagina and causing infection.

matters needing attention

Some women wash their hands with cold water on the day after the abortion. Think as long as you don't have to wash your face with cold water after people flow. In fact, it is not. After the abortion, the body is very weak and has little resistance to the invasion of cold. Therefore, washing hands with cold water is not a problem for us. But for women after abortion, it is likely to let the cold invade the body. Therefore, if you want to touch the cold water after the abortion, at least one week after the abortion.