How is left hand uncomfortable to return a responsibility

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Is your hand suddenly numb? Or is it that you can't use your hands when you sleep? Some of these situations are trivial, while others can determine your future. Let's take a look at the following.

How is left hand uncomfortable to return a responsibility

First: if the arm is pressed for a long time, resulting in less blood supply, it is easy to numb the hand, occasionally this time is nothing, as long as after a period of time on their own.

Second: when sleeping in the wrong position, it is easy to cause damage to the arm, and cause occasional numbness, sudden numbness and so on, so sleep must have a good position!

Third: if you don't move for a long time, or if you don't move the shoulder for a long time, it may cause shoulder pain, which affects the arm and makes the arm suddenly numb or painful. This kind of situation usually appears on the person who does an office, so be sure to exercise the shoulder this place occasionally!

matters needing attention

Jianjing acupoint is a acupoint on the shoulder. The injury of Jianjing acupoint can cause shoulder pain, headache, heavy head and sour hands. So the shoulder determines the two sides of the body, usually massage Jianjing point can, but excessive force, or hit the fall will affect the whole body, numb hands, as long as to relax the Jianjing point can!