Symptoms of cerebrovascular disease?

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Cerebrovascular disease is a sudden onset of cerebral blood circulation disorders, mainly including ischemic cerebrovascular disease and hemorrhagic cerebrovascular disease, also known as stroke (stroke), the former mainly has transient ischemic attack and cerebral infarction (including cerebral embolism, cerebral thrombosis), the latter has cerebral hemorrhage and subretinal hemorrhage. Stroke is one of the most common diseases in the elderly. It has high incidence rate, mortality and disability rate. It has become one of the most frequent diseases in city in China. Symptoms of cerebrovascular disease? Let's talk about it.

Symptoms of cerebrovascular disease?

Sudden mouth and eye deviation: accompanied by mouth angle salivation, unclear speech, difficulty in enunciation, aphasia or inability to express one's meaning, dysphagia, especially weakness or inflexibility of one limb, unstable walking or sudden fall. This is caused by motor nerve dysfunction.

Sudden severe headache: headache, dizziness or even nausea and vomiting, or the form and feeling of headache and dizziness are different from those in the past, the degree of aggravation, or from intermittent to persistent.

Sudden facial, tongue, lip or limb numbness: also some performance for sudden one eye or two eyes in front of hazy or temporarily can not see things, tinnitus or hearing changes. This is because it affects the sensory function of the brain.

matters needing attention

The above symptoms may not appear in every patient, but as long as there are aural symptoms, it may be an alarm of stroke in the middle-aged and elderly people, so we should be particularly vigilant.