The harm of induced abortion infertility to women

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I am very young, the first pregnancy, to 45 days, suddenly do not want it, to do a miscarriage, now everything is restored. I still have a good understanding of the harm of induced abortion to women. Let me talk about it.

The harm of induced abortion infertility to women

On the one hand: artificial abortion, especially multiple artificial abortion in a short time, is easy to cause salpingitis, cervical and intrauterine adhesions, amenorrhea and so on, resulting in infertility. Therefore, abortion should not do more, should adhere to good contraceptive work, often do artificial abortion operation on their own body will also have certain harm.

On the other hand: abortion is only a small operation, but it is not developed under direct vision. Suction and curettage can only be realized by hand. Sometimes, due to careless operation, some complications or sequelae will occur, such as incomplete suction, uterine bleeding, uterine inflammation, uterine perforation, endometriosis, infertility, etc.

Finally: the harm of repeated abortion is easy to lead to breast disease. Because pregnancy is suddenly interrupted, normal female hormone physiological function will be disrupted, such as hormone levels suddenly decreased, the developing breast will suddenly stop growing, cells become smaller, acini disappear, breast recovery. But this kind of restoration is usually incomplete, and it is easy to cause breast pain, some can also induce breast lobular hyperplasia, mastitis and other breast diseases. Statistics show that abortion induced breast disease accounted for about 40%.

matters needing attention

Pay attention to rest after induced abortion. After induced abortion, stay in bed for observation for 1-2 hours. Do not leave the induced abortion operation room immediately. If there is no obvious discomfort, abdominal pain is not obvious, consult the doctor before going home to rest. It's better to stay in bed for the first 3-4 days after returning home. Don't engage in heavy physical labor or strenuous sports in the two weeks after the abortion. If work or study conditions do not allow continuous rest for several days, we must also ensure adequate sleep every day.