What symptom is acuteness wet wart

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After the lower body grew condyloma acuminatum, we should pay attention to, for the body is harmful, the wart body will slowly grow bigger, I have suffered from Condyloma Acuminatum before, fortunately has been cured, tell you, condyloma acuminatum have what symptoms!

What symptom is acuteness wet wart

Symptom 1: after suffering from condyloma acuminatum, there will be many symptoms. The main symptoms are usually small reddish papules on the injured parts, which will increase one by one, and there will be a single or a group of distribution, and the surface is uneven. There are purulent secretions in the lesions.

Symptom 2: for patients with condyloma acuminatum, we usually need to determine whether they are infected with this virus. We can use acetic acid white test, for example, we can use 5% acetic acid solution to smear, which can find the symptoms of local whitening, or we can detect this virus through histopathological examination.

Symptom 3: the clinical manifestation of condyloma acuminatum has no symptoms in the early stage. With the continuous growth of condyloma acuminatum, the patient will have small red pimples. He will slowly grow up and grow up. Like cauliflower, severe patients will have ulcers and ulcers. At this time, we should go to the hospital as soon as possible to treat the disease Don't delay.

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The treatment of condyloma acuminatum, if not serious patients, to physical treatment of disease, laser treatment of condyloma acuminatum this disease, if serious patients, to surgical treatment of condyloma acuminatum this disease, can also be treated by drugs, can make condyloma acuminatum patients improve.